The workshops at November's Environment and Business Conference are split into 4 different themes across two levels. Click here to find out more!

As part of the 2010 conference timetable, IEMA aims to include a list of leading names for thekeynote and plenary sessions across the two days.

But these sessions only make up around half of each day. The workshops are just as key to the conference theme and the delegate experience.

For this year's event, Environment and Business: The challenge and the opportunity, we have created a vibrant workshop programme to accompany the individual keynotes and plenaries.

The workshops at this event, 32 in total, are separated into four different themes and pitched at two different levels so that each and every delegate can choose the most appropriate sessions to attend and tailormake their own conference timetable.

The four themes are:

  • Climate Change
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Environmental Management
  • Auditing

To compliment the themes, the two levels have been chosen to ensure that delegates are easily able to choose the sessions that they are likely to get the most from and contribute to.

The two levels are:

  • Introductory
  • Professional


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