A new European-wide survey from Samsung Electronics reveals that businesses are not taking the proactive steps required to reduce wasted paper and toner in the office printing environment. The survey of more than 4,500 public and private sector workers reports that four out of five (83 per cent) organisations are not implementing basic technologies to reduce the volume of wasted printed material. UK organisations are among the best in Europe at implementing technologies to reduce the volume of wasted printed material, but still three quarters are not taking basic steps to minimise waste. Across all age groups, nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of UK workers say that they prefer to read documents on paper rather than on the screen, slightly lower than the European average of 69 per cent. While it might be expected that older workers would prefer hard copy, the survey has found the opposite; almost three quarters (74 per cent) of those under the age of 35 in the UK find it easier to read documents in hard copy, in comparison to less than two thirds (60 per cent) at age 35 and over.


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