Scotland is on the brink of a green jobs revolution with 50,000 posts expected to be created in the next decade, careers experts claim. Wind analysts, turbine technicians and heat-pump installers will all be needed to cope with the renewable energy rush, according to Careers Scotland, which has started a new campaign to raise awareness of the growing green industry.

They say the number of jobs in fields such as recycling, conservation and renewables is set to rocket in the next ten years. Already there are an estimated 80,000 jobs in the renewable fields that did not previously exist, with another 50,000 predicted over the next decade.

Careers Scotland's campaign the Path is Green, which was launched yesterday, aims to make sure there are enough skilled workers to fill the posts. Alex Blackwood, the head of key labour market sectors at Careers Scotland, said: "It ranges from new jobs like wind-turbine engineers and solar-cell installers to traditional jobs like plumbing, where they will need a new skills set.


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