Fiji Water has decided to disclose the carbon footprint of its products. To that end, the company has joined the Carbon Disclosure Project Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, the first privately-owned U.S. company to do so. The CDP is working with Fiji to get suppliers to disclose their emissions. For the base year ending June 30, 2007, Fiji's total annual carbon footprint from every stage of its production and distribution was 85,396 metric tons of CO2eq. Now that it has its own carbon numbers in hand, Fiji is challenging other companies in the industry to do the same. To measure its carbon footprint, Fiji says it calculated its carbon emissions across every stage in the product lifecycle: producing raw materials for packaging, transporting raw materials and equipment to the plant, manufacturing and filling bottles, shipping the product from Fiji to markets worldwide, distributing the product, refrigerating the product in stores, restaurants, and other outlets, and disposing/recycling of the packaging waste. The company has also launched a Website where consumers can get product emissions data and analysis for each of the company's products.


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