The Telecommunications Society of Australia is offering an $8000 prize for the best paper on applying broadband to environmental sustainability, and $2000 for the best paper on using broadband for water conservation. The awards are the brainchild of Robin Eckermann, the speaker at the society's annual lecture, the Charles Todd Oration, and are being sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent, Water for Rivers, Multimedia Victoria, Eckermann and Greg Crew. Specifically, the $8000 Eckermann-TJA Prize will be awarded to "the best paper offered to the Telecommunications Journal of Australia on the theme of applying broadband telecommunications to deliver significant benefits to environmental sustainability." The same paper can also received the $2000 prize. Entries will be judged on the extent to which they either: demonstrate the benefits that an existing use of broadband technology is delivering in terms of environmental sustainability; or propose innovative new uses of broadband technology that could deliver significant benefits in terms of environmental sustainability.


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