The National tree planting programme has been launched to enable Uganda be a carbon free state and get relieved of global warming threats. Maria Mutagamba, the Minister for Water and Environment, while launching the project on March 9 at Entebbe, said about 125 million trees will be planted this year in which every Ugandan is expected to plant at least of five trees.

"Uganda has never experienced the heat which it is currently experiencing. This means that global warming is with us and we need to plant more trees and conserve the environment," Mutagamba said. She added that Uganda will not retain its name, Pearl of Africa, if people don't look at tree planting with an environmental perspective because all the beautiful physical features will die away. She urged head teachers to make tree planting a compulsory activity in their schools.

"You can also make tree plantingcompulsory in your schools and at least, plant an acre or quarter acre of trees on your school land and relieve the country the burden of global warming," Mutagamba said.


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