A pioneering green computer, the IAMECO, has been showcased at the closing event of an Irish LIFE-Environment project, Project HEATSUN, which took place in Dublin on 12 October 2006.

The computer has been developed by MicroPro (Multimedia Computer Systems), an SME based in Rathfarnham, South Dublin, and is the world’s first PC aimed at securing the European Eco-Label. The IAMECO uses only reusable components, can be dismantled in 11 minutes, is energy-efficient, and contains no hazardous materials such as lead or mercury.

The computer is one outcome of Project HEATSUN (LIFE00/ENV/IRL/000764), which is a local partnership of three local authorities, two private companies and two social economy organisations. The main objective of the project was to demonstrate better recycling and reprocessing of waste, by piloting reuse and eco-design of IT equipment.

The main project results were presented at the closing event: Project Leader John Singleton from Dublin City Council gave an overview of the five-year project, which developed a comprehensive programme to pilot approaches to reducing, reusing and recycling waste IT in the Dublin region. This included creation of 20 jobs and 20 vocational training opportunities.

Mary Fay, Manager of project partner SwITch (Saving Waste IT Can Help), explained the work of this social economy enterprise in reusing IT equipment and providing training and after-sales support, repairs and upgrading to North Dublin communities. Anne Galligan, Manager of MicroPro, presented the IAMECO prototype, as detailed above.

Kartsen Schischke from Germany’s IZM–Frauhofer Institute explained how HEATSUN echoes concerns at a global level, in particular the United Nation’s StEP (Solving the E-Waste Problem) initiative, that includes several major electronic and computer manufacturers and recyclers.

The event concluded with thematic workshops covering reuse of IT and bridging the digital divide; green computer standards and results; and development and use of lifecycle assessment tools.


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