The environmental campaign group Greenpeace today backed Gordon Brown after the Chancellor refused to lower duty on fuel. Mr Brown has come under pressure in recent days as petrol protesters prepare for tomorrow's protests. But Greenpeace is opposed to the Chancellor's call for Opec countries to boost oil production. Campaigner Mark Strutt said: "Fuel tax is an important weapon in the fight against climate change and Mr Brown is right to defend it. Evidence shows that higher petrol prices encourage people to use more fuel efficient cars and think more carefully about whether a journey is really necessary by car. We're in a climate crisis so politicians who try to cut greenhouse emissions must be backed." He continued: "But the Chancellor's call for an increase in oil production doesn't make sense. This government can't say climate change is as dangerous as terrorism then demand more of what causes it. For years we've seen Tony Blair talking the talk on global warming while achieving nothing. We're hoping Mr Brown takes the issue more seriously."


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