Environment Minister Elliot Morley is going on the road to see how people, businesses and public authorities across England are promoting sustainable development.

Mr Morley's tour will take in green housing developments, energy-saving public sector schemes and business efforts to reduce water use, waste and power as well as projects involving community groups aimed at creating a better quality of life.

Mr Morley will be in West Yorkshire on September 6, Birmingham on September 22 and Newcastle on December 13, meeting local business and community representatives.

Mr Morley said: "It is vital that everybody gets involved in sustainable development. That goes for public authorities, who can set an example and lead the development of new markets, for example in timber procurement. Businesses can save millions of pounds by cutting waste and their use of resources; individuals, can make more environmental choices in their daily lives and communities, can come together to implement projects such as recycling and improving local environmental quality.

"I look forward to seeing some examples of best practice in action and meet the people behind them." The goal of sustainable development is to enable people to satisfy their basic needs and enjoy a better quality of life without compromising future generations.


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