The Guardian reports: Chemical pollutants are a part of our everyday life, and links to diseases such as Parkinson's are being investigated. So why, asks Michael Meacher, isn't the government acting? Government figures just released reveal startling evidence of the continued increase in the use of pesticides, despite their known toxic damage to the environment and probably to human health. In the past decade, the area of crops sprayed with pesticides in the UK has increased by a further million hectares. The use of pesticides has increased by more than 30% in the same period, even though the area of land under cultivation has decreased. We are now surrounded by chemical pollutants. We breathe, touch and ingest agricultural pesticides, industrial waste products, traffic emissions, and domestic-use chemicals every day. They are an invisible menace to our health, especially for the most vulnerable. Yet there is no sense of urgency within government to tackle the issue, and its expert committees do not intervene.


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