Green groups have taken the unprecedented step of inviting chief executive candidate Donald Tsang to discuss Hong Kong's environmental woes. Four green groups - Conservancy Association, Friends of the Earth, GreenPower and The World Wide Fund For Nature - will send an invitation letter to Tsang to share their ``new green visions'' for the SAR. ``This is a litmus test for Tsang to see if he cares about our opinions,'' FoE director Mei Ng said.

Ng said Tsang, who is expected to become Hong Kong chief executive next month, refused to meet the group when he was financial secretary.

However, as Tsang is now chairman of the Council for Sustainable Development, which gathers opinion and formulates strategy on the environment, he has an obligation to listen to green groups, Ng said. ``His response this time will show whether he has an open mind and is willing to listen to different views on the environment.

``Quality of life and quality of environment should be the cornerstones of a visionary leader.''


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