On 19 May 2005, BAA hosted a Beacon Network site visit at Heathrow Terminal 5 to demonstrate the outstanding work the company has undertaken to integrate environmental strategy into the biggest construction site in Europe. Along with the Environment Agency, BAA demonstrated how the company is managing sustainable building design and construction, as well as relationships with suppliers, to maximise environmental performance while minimising environmental impact.

In addition to touring the half-completed Terminal 5 and learning how BAA was managing environmental impacts onsite, participants on the day had an opportunity to learn about the Environment Agency's modern regulatory partnership approach. In addition, companies and organisations in attendance were able to share experience and debate the most current environmental issues with a large network of peers and subject experts.

This event was part of the Beacon Network, an initiative launched by Business in the Environment (the environmental campaign of Business in the Community) to bring companies the best information on innovative approaches to environmental risks and opportunities, as well as help them develop effective solutions of their own. The Beacon Network seminars provide an opportunity to learn from leading companies' successes (and challenges). In addition, participants can share experiences to improve company environmental performance and advance the corporate environmental agenda.

A report detailing the outputs of this Beacon Network seminar is currently in the works. To order a copy of this report or any other Beacon Network working papers, please contact Daianna Rincones at Business in the Community on 0870 600 2482.


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