Greenpeace volunteers fitted solar panels to John Prescott's roof and hung a huge banner across his house this morning that says: Oi 2 Jags! Hit targets, not voters.

The Deputy Prime Minsiter is putting Britain's climate change targets at risk by failing to make UK homes more energy efficient. According to the UN, climate change kills 150,000 people every year, and Tony Blair has described the threat as the gravest we face.

Mr Prescott - who says everybody must 'do their bit' to fight climate change - is in charge of housing policy in the UK. Our homes account for over a quarter of the UK's climate damaging emissions. The government is aiming for a 20% improvement in household energy efficiency, but unless Ministers take drastic action they will fail to meet the target.

Greenpeace campaigner Laura Yates helped fit 60 square-feet of solar panelling to the medieval-style battlements on Mr Prescott's roof.


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