A report prepared by MPG International for UNEP and sponsored by the World Association of Research Professionals (ESOMAR) reviews the marketing and communications basics and evaluates how the objectives of sustainability can be aligned with the needs of marketers.

The study was initiated to try to account for the discrepancy that exists between 30 years of promoting the sustainability message and the perceived lack of sustainable behaviour by consumers and corporate buyers. It is partly a review of past research and partly an expression of ideas concerning the role of marketers.

The report reveals many inadequacies of current research and CSR reporting which might be expected to improve the marketing performance of companies, among which:

- although concern for sustainability issues is high, the strength and depth of attitudes are low
- the necessary ingredients for cultural change are absent
- CSR performance cannot become an intangible asset of businesses and affect shareholder value unless it first affects their business performance
- marketers need to take a holistic view of their organisation and the value of sustainable production to brand image.

Any feed back on the findings of this report would be welcomed since this is an on-going project , which should lead to specific research targeted to marketers. The work demonstrates the need for improved methods and metrics as well as for many organisations to research and evaluate their role in promoting sustainable consumption and production. MPG International is very keen to develop a better understanding and remove some constraints so will continue to work with UNEP, ESOMAR and the Chartered Institute of Marketing as well as NGO's, corporates and government agencies who need to develop their strategies to improve effectiveness. Should you wish to explore some ideas, please contact MPG International: [email protected]

To obtain a copy of the report, please visit the website below: .


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