The results matrix for the 2004 IEMA elections has been published.

The matrix is also available as an Acrobat file [download__blank:Election2004ResultsMatrix1.pdf]

Corporate Member Representative

Prof. Steve Hill





Council Sector Representatives

Tim Pinder

Ian Housley

Jack Hiroki I Guchi

Ross Marshall

Scotland North

Helen Geddes

Sean Hayes

No Cand.

Dr Nicholas Bedding

Scotland Central

No Cand.

No Cand.

No Cand.

No Cand.

Scotland West

Allan Brown

John Thompson

June Thomas

No Cand.

North East

Glen Hedges

Marek Bidwell

Helen Manns

No Cand.

North West

John Leader

Peter Nolan

Gillian Sinnott

No Cand.

Yorkshire & Humber

Sally Clarke

John Marsden

No Cand.

Helena Tinker


Nigel Marsh

No Cand.

No Cand.

Dr Vicky Dunn

East of England

Hazel Smith

John Hill

No Cand.

No Cand.

South West

No Cand.

Sally Tonkin

No Cand.

No. Cand.

South East

Katherine Warner

Mike Lachowicz

No Cand.

Lucia Susani


Adrian Dunleavy

Kevin Morgan

No Cand.

Craig Harding

Northern Ireland

Carol Martin

Gary Sims

No Cand.

Michael Keating

Republic of Ireland

No Cand.

Sarah Robertson

No Cand.

Joan Tarmey


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