Dear Colleague, Your Institute Needs You! 2004 is an election year for the Institute when every Member has the right and opportunity to stand for election for one of the Regional Steering groups or as a Sector representative on Council, or as a representative for Corporate Membership.

The nominations for the elections will take place from the 28th June, closing date of 30th July. The ballot will take place mid - August to mid - September, with final announcements being made prior to the 1st of October. Every Member will receive a nomination form which should be completed and returned by 30th July, should you wish to stand for election.

This is your chance to have your say in how your Institute is currently run and shaped over the coming three years.

Please think about it, contact us if you need more information, and have a go! I guarantee you will find it worth while and we will appreciate your contribution.

We need new blood, new ideas, and new challenges!

Russell Foster Signature

R Foster
Chief Executive

For further information download the rules here:



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