The IEMA has published its environmental policy as part of a programme to achieve certification to ISO 14001 for the Institute's activities at the Lincoln office. The policy can be found under "read more".

Environmental Policy

The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment is a professional membership body supporting environmental practitioners in the UK and Internationally. An integral part of our business and ultimately our mission is to promote the environmental dimension of sustainability. We aim to do this directly through our business practices and indirectly by influencing our members and others. By setting professional standards and qualifications for environmental practitioners and providing support and information services, we can equip members with the tools, skills and techniques to make a practical difference to the environment.

Our Aims:

To manage our activities, products and services with consideration for the environment.

To manage and monitor our significant environmental aspects. We aim to minimise the impacts arising from travel and resource use and in particular, maximise the positive impact that we have on our members and others through the provision of up to date information and the setting and administration of professional qualifications and training that support best practice in the profession.

To purchase, where practicable, environmentally superior products and services from supply chain partners who have demonstrated a commitment to good environmental practices.

To set targets and objectives for environmental performance improvement and review these regularly to demonstrate our commitment to continual environmental performance improvement.

To support the development of employees and ensure that they all receive training appropriate to their role in implementing our environmental policy. To further reinforce this we are wholly committed to working towards Investors in People.

To develop and maintain an EMS which conforms to ISO 14001 and the additional requirements of EMAS, to comply with relevant environmental legislation and regulations and to prevent, minimise and control pollution through the practical application of waste and resource minimisation programmes.

To provide a high quality, efficient service to our members and provide up to date information to enable them to assist us with our goal of promoting environmentally responsible practices. To achieve this we will engage in an open and transparent dialogue with all our stakeholders.