In 2023, IEMA established a new steering group—specifically for IEMA members—that focuses on sustainable finance issues. Find out how you can become a part of it!

Sustainability is an increasingly salient issue for the banking sector and, more widely, for other institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies. As consumers and businesses scrutinise more and more the sustainability credentials of the investment organisations they work with, it is important that these organisations effectively understand the environmental policy and regulatory landscape. Equally, it is necessary that environmental and sustainability professionals understand the intersection between what they do and the investment community.

About the Sustainable Finance Network

The Steering Group seeks to enable the flow of information and knowledge sharing between investment and sustainability professionals in a way that helps address some of the most significant policy challenges concerning the natural environment and social inclusion to be addressed.

The Sustainable Finance Network has already launched a new IEMA Sustainable Finance Webinar Series and is launching this second volume of a new series of IEMA Sustainable Finance Insight Journals, written by practitioners and providing insights into practice from a variety of perspectives across the UK and internationally.

The existing Steering Group is made up of leading practitioners from government and private sector organisations in banking, finance and export credit institutions, as well as consultants specialising in sustainable finance advisory services. The Steering Group is currently comprised of 13 members who guide IEMA’s activities in sustainable finance through horizon scanning, policy leadership, and quality review.

How to Apply

Now is your chance to join the group and get involved! We are looking for three more members to join the Steering Group. If you are passionate about sustainable finance and want to help shape the profession and deliver sustainable finance policy and practice for IEMA, send your CV to [email protected] by Friday 5th July along with a maximum of 500 words answering the following three questions:

  • What role do you believe IEMA’s Sustainable Finance Steering Group should play and what areas should it focus on?
  • What experience of sustainable finance policy and practice issues do you have?
  • What other relevant skills and knowledge do you have?

To request the full Terms of Reference please email [email protected]. Please note that posts are for a three-year term, are unremunerated, and are limited in number. IEMA normally receives more applicants than open positions. Applicants will be elected by the existing Steering Group, including any outgoing members. IEMA encourages applications from a diverse range of backgrounds including government, NGO, academic and consultancy.

Diversity in establishing the Sustainable Finance Steering Group

The aim is to establish a diverse membership for the Sustainable Finance Steering Group, both demographically and in terms of technical and soft skills. In selecting members IEMA’s Policy and Practice Committee will pay particular attention to ensuring that it has a diverse makeup.

Photo of Rufus howard
Rufus Howard

Policy and Engagement Lead at IEMA, IEMA

Dr Howard is the policy and engagement lead for Impact Assessment at IEMA and a leading professional in EIA, with two decades of international experience across renewable energy and major infrastructure.


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