The IEMA Biodiversity and Natural Capital Network Steering Group have published an insights paper on Biodiversity Net Gain. IEMA’s Policy and Engagement Lead on biodiversity and natural capital, Lesley Wilson, tells us what’s inside.

The introduction of mandatory requirements for developers and landowners to create at least 10% biodiversity net gain (BNG) comes into force in November 2023. Stakeholders including landowners, ecologists, environmental professionals, and local authorities are looking for good practice guidance. Biodiversity Net Gain – Good Practice Insights provides case studies of putting BNG into action as well as attempting to answer commonly asked questions.

The paper builds on three webinars hosted earlier in 2023 and is similarly divided into three sections:

  • BNG Baseline and Design
  • BNG Implementation and Stakeholder Engagement, and
  • BNG Management and Monitoring.

Projects include rebuilding Headbolt Lane railway station, a nature network for local authorities, an urban extension of 1200 homes, and helping landowners unlock underused land.

Each section comes with an attempt to answer some key questions around BNG development including:

  • should I do a phase 1 habitat survey?
  • when are the key times to get an ecologist involved?
  • and when does the 30-year commitment begin?

It talks about challenges such as securing development early, as well as outcomes such as successful hand-over, alongside tips and tricks for actions to achieve BNG.

This paper provides an excellent, systematically laid-out overview of the many aspects of practice in attaining BNG. It aims to provide improved understanding alongside inspiration to support professionals to get started and feel confident in developing their BNG activities.

Biodiversity Net Gain – Good Practice Insights is available to members as an interactive document or as a page-by-page PDF here.

Non-IEMA members can purchase this toolkit here, under 'Biodiversity Net Gain'.

Wwatch the webinars again on our Watch Again site.

You can join IEMA’s BANC Network by contacting: [email protected]

Photo of Lesley
Lesley Wilson

Policy and Engagement Lead

Lesley is Policy and Engagement Lead at IEMA with a focus on biodiversity and natural capital. Lesley also supports IEMA’s role as Secretariat to the UK Business and Biodiversity Forum, working with businesses to raise the profile of, mainstream, and share good practice in, biodiversity. Lesley joined IEMA in December 2021 after 11 years delivering projects, programmes and solutions for business in the field of environmental sustainability for the British Standards Institution (BSI), including ground breaking standards in biodiversity net gain and natural capital. Lesley has a qualification in business management (MBA) and climate change management, and mentors environmental students at the University of Westminster.


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