The government claims its “most ambitious package of energy measures in a decade” will “boost Britain’s energy independence and security” and commits to expanding the number of green jobs needed to deliver the transition to a net zero economy.
Houses of Parliament

The Bill, which will be debated in the House of Commons and House of Lords before being voted on to become law, sets out 26 key measures, including new initiatives to attract private investment, attempts to “reindustrialise” our economy, and new powers to clamp down on protests aimed at the fossil fuel industry.

Sarah Mukherjee MBE, CEO of IEMA, said:

“IEMA welcomes the government giving high priority to enabling key technologies including hydrogen and carbon capture and storage through the Energy Security Bill."

"While emerging clean technologies and the rapid deployment of renewables have key roles to play in decarbonising the UK, it is vital that we grow our green skills base to ensure we can translate our climate ambition into action."

“IEMA will continue to champion green jobs and skills with government to ensure we develop the UK’s workforce for a sustainable future.”

Kwasi Kwarteng, Business and Energy Secretary, said:

“To ensure we are no longer held hostage by rogue states and volatile markets, we must accelerate plans to build a truly clean, affordable, home-grown energy system in Britain.

“This is the biggest reform of our energy system in a decade. We’re going to slash red tape, get investment into the UK, and grab as much global market share as possible in new technologies to make this plan a reality.

The government also said the Bill “will help drive an unprecedented £100 billion of private sector investment by 2030” to “help diversify our domestic energy supply” by boosting technologies such as hydrogen energy and offshore wind.


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