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Episode 9: Sustainable Lifestyle

Last October, before the COP26 climate change talks in Glasgow, IEMA conducted a survey that showed that climate change was the second most important concern, just behind the economy. This result was part of a suite of opinion polls taken around this time which gave similar results both in the UK and other countries. It could be argued that this momentum gives policymakers a greater opportunity to concentrate on the policies and skills needed to drive a zero carbon economy. However, we have also seen evidence that some people are becoming fearful and anxious about the future, even to the extent that they feel any action they might take will make little or no difference, given our current global trajectory. That’s why we want to start the year discussing how small changes in lifestyle can help reduce your impact.

We discuss with our panel how the challenge of being sustainable can seem daunting, but how important it is to start to do things even though they may be imperfect. We also talk about how to stay motivated to change habits, as each individual or business will have their own challenges and the importance of being kind but also honest about where you are on our journey.

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