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Episode 7: The road to COP is paved with good intentions

COP 26 is fast approaching and governments and companies around the world are pledging to do more to tackle the Climate Emergency. COP 26 is hailed as a pivotal moment where leaders need to make serious advances to tackle greenhouse gas emissions, to prevent the worst consequences of climate change. It is also the first official deadline since COP 15 where countries will update on their progress of their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

In this episode we discuss with our panel their expectations for the formal negotiations regarding COP 26, but also how the events and negotiations that take part between countries, companies, and civil society. We discuss how this can help create commitments to GHG reductions, as well as put pressure on governments to do more.

We talk about the political uncertainty to be able to set more ambitious reduction targets, the economics of reducing climate change and the importance of climate finance to help developing countries deal with the climate emergency.

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