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Episode 2: Abadesi Osunsade

Abadesi Osunsade is the founder of Hustle Crew which exists to make workplaces fairer. She says her childhood spent overseas as the daughter of a diplomat, plus the tragic loss of her sister helped to make her curious about the world and determined to do what she could to make it better.

Sarah talks to Abadesi about why inclusion matters for sustainability and how her upbringing taught her to see and acknowledge the differences we face in life.

Abasedi Osunsade was nominated by Anne Marie Imafidon who said she wanted more people to know about Hustle Crew.

You can find out more about THINGTESTING and Heata which Abasedi mentioned in her interview by clicking these links.

At the end of the episode, we asked Abasedi to nominate her hero. She named Guppi Bola founder of decolonising economics.

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