Portrait photograph of Ria Lewis

Ria Lewis

Committee Member

A performance-driven environmental risk management professional with over twenty (20) years of experience; sixteen (16) of which have been in the upstream oil and gas industry. I have a diverse background and range of experience working for the government and in the private sector both in the Caribbean and in the UK. Work experience includes fields such as microbiology, noise pollution control, regulatory permitting including environmental and social impact assessments, flood risk management, environmental auditing, compliance management, waste management, waste facility auditing, and corporate environmental management.

I value honesty, integrity, respect, and fairness. I lead collaboratively, influence stakeholders and implement tools and techniques to reduce environmental risk and improve organizational environmental sustainability.

I am the Managing Director of Environmental Advisory Services. Environmental Advisory Services (www.eas.co.tt) specializes in environmental permitting, auditing, and management systems implementation. EAS will help you obtain timely project approvals to grow your business and the assurance to see you go beyond compliance to meet international best practice.

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