Portrait photograph of Lisa Pool

Lisa Pool

Head of Marketing - IEMA

Starting her career with an illustration degree, Lisa quickly turned to communications strategy in Higher Education and cemented her experience with an MA in Advertising, Branding and Communication. She has led award-winning membership campaigns within the student movement and has built successful communications teams in organisations going through periods of transition. Former places of work include Diabetes UK, University of West London Students’ Union, and National Union of Students.

Lisa joined IEMA in 2019 where she is responsible for making sure that members get great value from their professional body. Continuing her professional development, Lisa is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an Associate member of IEMA. In her spare time, she runs two blogs with her partner, careergappers.com and lincolnandbeyond.co.uk, paints landscapes from her time travelling the world, and enjoys long hikes with her bouncy dog, Regan.

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