Portrait photograph of Kirsty Strannigan

Kirsty Strannigan


A conscientious and self-motivated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality assurance professional driven by a strong commitment to enhance organisational, environemental and health and safety performance.

I have extensive experience of regulatory compliance and management systems including providing corporate management and Customer organisations with a high level of assurance.

I am practised in a range of industries including construction, engineering, healthcare and support services, in a wide variety of complex environments including the largest national health board, Dounreay LLW Vaults, HM Naval Base Clyde and the Queensferry Crossing construction.

I have exceptional organisational skills, with a proven track record in leading diverse teams to deliver multiple projects, at scale. Adept at building effective relationships with stakeholders at all levels and maintaining a client-focused approach to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. Strong influencing skills, with a personal focus on promoting environmental and sustainability performance, positive working cultures and wellbeing.

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