Portrait photograph of Judith Ezike

Judith Ezike

Committee Member

I am a postgraduate student in M.Sc Environmental Management with the University of Hertfordshire with interest in Sustainability and Climate change. I am keen to apply my knowledge and key skills gained through both my studies and industry related work experience.

I have gained relevant knowledge and experience through my studies in testing and monitoring water quality and an understanding of contaminants such soil, sediments, groundwater, and surface water for the general protection of human health. Undergoing a service-learning project by volunteering in an integrated waste and pollution control program in my local community has aided my abilities in data collection and records for analysis. Modules in environmental policy and Governance have increased my knowledge of the current environmental issues, policies, and legislation of Natural resources management.

My part-time employment as a care giver has made me grow in the ability to communicate and relate with people from diverse backgrounds, managing challenging situations concerning health and safety of my clients and colleagues in a professional and timely manner while sticking to team schedule.

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