Portrait photograph of Gordon Mitchell

Gordon Mitchell

Committee Member

Dr Gordon Mitchell (MIEMA C. Env) is an Associate Professor in the School of Geography, University of Leeds. His research addresses environmental management, with applied experience in environmental planning, natural resource management and impact appraisal, often through development and/or application of numerical models.

After early work on marine toxicology (Shell UK), he focussed on the dynamics and management of carbon loss from upland catchments before then developing diffuse loading models for urban catchments to identify pollutant hotspots to aid retrofit planning for sustainable drainage systems. This work was extended in national source apportionment work so as to provide a mechanism for evaluating programmes of measures to meet water quality objectives. His work has since broadened to address the environmental sustainability of urban-regions, including modelling on water resources, water quality, transport, energy, air quality, spatial planning and ecosystem services.

He has experience in impact appraisal, including EIA and SEA, and in a range of other techniques, including multi-criteria appraisal. He has worked extensively on environmental justice issues, including for the Environment Agency, Scottish Executive, Deputy Chief Scientist, Chief Medical Officer, Treasury and NGOs. His sustainability indicators methodology PICABUE has been widely applied internationally. He has c. 250 publications, and has acted as reviewer for all the main UKRI councils, and ten overseas research councils.

He also holds an RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold medal for demonstrating how gardeners can implement sustainable drainage principles.

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