Portrait photograph of Emma Wagstaff

Emma Wagstaff

Committee Member

Our environment and how we interact with it has been a passion of mine since I was a child. Growing up on a farm I learnt to respect the environment as a valuable resource as well as appreciate the need for sustainable management.

I followed my passion at university and I gained a BSc degree in Environmental Bio Geoscience and later, an MSc in Environmental Management.

Now that I’m a parent, environmental issues and sustainability have taken an even greater importance in my life. I now have a very visible and long term investment in the future of our environment.

My career started in an environmental laboratory, and subsequently a hands on role in the waste management sector as a landfill chemist. This experience in the private sector provided a sound basis to then follow a career in regulation.

Now working as a Senior Advisor for the Environment Agency in the Environment Agency’s national Landfill, Deposit for Recovery and Climate Change team, I use my extensive experience to advise other regulators and provide technical support, particularly around compliance issues.

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