Portrait photograph of Dr. Mohamed Ayeldeen

Dr. Mohamed Ayeldeen


Dr. Mohamed Ayeldeen is a chartered civil engineer and chartered environmentalist, with a PhD in environmental engineering and a passion for sustainability that dates back to his youth.

He has authored over 20 publications in geotechnical engineering and sustainable construction, which have been cited more than 450 times. Dr. Ayeldeen has worked as a geoenvironmental professor and as a director for international construction companies across the globe, from Finland and Japan to the Middle East and the UK.

Ayeldeen has a track record of successfully delivering mega infrastructure projects worldwide. He has also delivered successfully several sustainability projects in North Africa. Currently an associate director in Arcadis, Dr. Ayeldeen is keen to promoting sustainability in the geotechnical business using the skills he gained from obtaining his MBA and his diverse experience. He has been very active in environmental conferences and has given several presentations and lectures about sustainability in construction.

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