Portrait photograph of Dr Cathie Mackay

Dr Cathie Mackay

Founder - CoSpring

The community of Sustainability, EHS and ESG practitioners and leaders is growing fast. As demand for their skills and time increases, so does the complexity of their challenges in fast-paced global markets.

Cathie Mackay founded CoSpring to help strengthen leadership capability within the growing community mentioned and in fast growing/change and highly regulated sectors. She is a trained professional coach, Insights facilitator and a highly experienced Senior EHS Leader dedicated to enhancing individuals' leadership capability. Cathie achieves that by supporting leaders to connect with their personal, authentic leadership style and manage their own growth. She works with existing and emerging leaders to develop into their roles to drive their teams and their organisation's performance.

Cathie has worked in highly regulated FTSE 100 companies and on transformational projects worldwide. She has led global operational and central governance EHS Teams delivering a wide range of services to internal and external stakeholders. She holds a PhD in environmental management and auditing and is an active Non-Exec member of the Board of IEMA.

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