Portrait photograph of Andra-Gabriela Stancu

Andra-Gabriela Stancu

Committee Member

Andra has been supporting the research and development of sustainable solutions and uptake of green technologies, becoming an Associate Member of IEMA in 2022, being keen to enhance her skills and competencies and to demonstrate her personal and professional commitment to her profession and the environment.

Andra has a background in Civil Engineering and Energy Efficiency and has had a continuous interest in sustainability and innovative net zero applications. For the past few years, Andra has been responsible for managing a growing network of Innovation Centres focused on industrial decarbonisation, circular economy and renewable energy, and has been working closely with technical academic experts, SMEs and industrial organisations.

Currently, in her Innovation Manager role at The Carbon Trust, Andra is delivering support across a portfolio of innovative clean technologies, drawing on sector knowledge and working with innovators on building their propositions and plans to unlock new technologies, business models and collaborations.

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