Portrait photograph of Alicja Holland

Alicja Holland

Committee Member

My name is Alicja Holland (PIEMA) and I work in the public sector as Projects & Finance Officer of a mid-size Town Council. This role is fantastic as it allows me to enhance the town and bring all aspects of sustainability into the public forum. Working with many partners in the town, District Councils and forums and boards within the town, I can use IEMA to influence decisions and projects.

I also have my own accounting business on the side which means I get to share how sustainability and finance work side by side within other businesses and help others grow their own businesses sustainably. Through this, I also teach accounting and bookkeeping as an associate lecturer for West Suffolk College, as well IEMA courses as an accredited IEMA tutor.

Previously, I spent 9 years in the brewing industry and working alongside the Head of Finance and Sustainability and the Sustainability Manager at Adnams PLC which taught me a wealth of knowledge as the leading sustainable brewer in the industry at that time.

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