This register shows the details of IEMA members who are available and qualified to act as third-party Lead Assessors under the UK Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

They are either IEMA Principal Environmental Auditors or Full Members of IEMA and an Environmental Auditor (EA) and have been assessed by an external panel and completed an ESOS training day for Lead Assessors.

Enquirers must make their own enquiries to establish the professional suitability of potential assessors.

Lucy Candlin

+44 (0)7866492760

[email protected]

A senior environmental professional with 30 years experience in environmental/sustainability management and 15 years experience in emissions and energy auditing for a range of programmes including EU ETS; California and South Korean Mandatory reporting. Lucy has provided assurance, advisory & support services to regulators, verification bodies and accreditation bodies as well as operators in a range of sectors including oil/gas/petrochemicals/power generation/manufacturing.

Sector focus: Paper & Printing, Universities, Charity sectors, Petrochemicals and Power.

Peter Chisnall


[email protected]

I am a Chartered Environmentalist with over thirty years’ experience in the Environmental, Energy and Waste sectors. I have worked in the energy conservation industry for the past twenty years in different guises as an Energy Manager and an Energy Consultant. Carrying out energy audits for a range of buildings from offices, through services and healthcare sector to industrial. Part of my responsibility has been a large commercial vehicle fleet, including LGVs and I have experience of eco-driving and route planning techniques for fuel conservation. During the first phase of ESOS I carried out over 15 successful assessments in the sectors of Power Distribution, Engineering, Manufacturing, Design, Facilities Management, Healthcare, Marketing, IT, Food and Retail.

Sector focus: Hospitality, Sports ground, Manufacturing, Engineering, Design, Office, Care homes, Logistics.

Tom Cullingford

07977 803 932

[email protected]

I began my career as an environmental consultant in 2004 gaining a wide range of experience in: ISO14001, ISO45001 and ISO50001 management systems implementation and auditing; environmental and health and safety legal compliance assessments; carbon reporting; environmental permitting compliance; and, delivering IEMA certified training courses. I have acted as lead auditor of multinational and multidisciplinary teams (EU; China) and have been responsible for supervising audit programs and ensuring adherence to quality protocols. I have worked for a range of industrial sectors including: highways, petrochemicals, manufacturing, waste, food, minerals, local government and medical devices. I completed several ESOS assessments in phase 1 and 2 of the scheme and also implemented ISO 50001 management systems for industrial, service sector and financial sector client organisations.

Since 2016 I have worked in operations gaining experience in highways, local authority, critical civil engineering, construction and facilities management. I continue to develop my skills in the evolving net zero space including SECR and TCFD, Scope 3 emissions and SBTi reporting. Although not directly taking on new clients for ESOS assessments, my fellow ESOS assessors at Equans are keen to hear from you so I am happy to refer you on.

Sector focus: Manufacturing, Logistics, Transport, Civils, Construction, Office/Property/Admin.

Robert Duncan


[email protected]

Available across all of U.K and Ireland acting as ESOS lead Assessor for Phase 3 of ESOS Regulations. I have been supporting post-Phase 1 and 2 ESOS Compliance Auditor for Government, SEAI Registered Energy Auditor (Rep. of Ireland), Senior Environmental and Energy Consultant, Chartered Environmentalist and Consultancy Office Manager supported by a team of energy consultants. Specific ESOS Lead Assessor and Energy Audits completed from ESOS Phase 1 and 2 in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland includes the following sectors/facilities; Manufacturing, Engineering, Hotels, Food and drink, Building services, Retail shops, distribution and warehousing, financial/insurance. I also have great experience in ISO 50001 development and auditing (as part of ESOS compliance) and energy training. I delivered compliance audits for Government against the requirements of ESOS Regulations providing me with excellent insight into the expectations and improvements sought by Government to make it more compliant, beneficial and value for money for organisations.

Sector focus: Manufacturing, Food and drink, distilleries, Automotive, Construction, Administrative & Support Services, Finance and Insurance, Retail, Transport. Also completed ESOS compliance auditing for Northern Ireland government body, Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

David Evans

07525 489750

[email protected]

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A registered ESOS Lead Energy Assessor, with an MSc in Environmental Protection (Surrey University) and an MBA (Warwick Business School). He is also a qualified Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001.

Energy and Environmental services include;

  • ESOS compliant energy audits;
  • ESOS audit review and sign-off;
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EnMS) consultancy;
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) consultancy
  • Baseline reviews;
  • Pre-certification audits;
  • Legal compliance audits;
  • Internal Audits.

Sector focus: Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering, Corporate office, Professional services, Charitable Sector, Transport and Logistics.

Jake Griffiths

01792 846000

j[email protected]

Over 10 years’ experience in energy assessments and management through provision of energy/environmental/resource efficiency consultancy support and auditing.

Experience of working in the following sectors: food and drink; manufacturing; office/retail; electronics; printing; plastics processing; metal finishing; agriculture and forestry; public sector; healthcare/ medical; engineering; construction; repair of motor vehicle; tourism/hotel/catering; transport; education; community; chemicals. Over a 1000 assessments/audits/reviews completed over the past 10 years.

Lead auditor/assessor for Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS), Environmental (ISO 14001, Green Dragon and BS 8555) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001). Approximately 80 audits undertaken per annum.

Sector focus: Food and drink; Manufacturing; Office/retail; Electronics; Printing; Plastics processing; Metal finishing; Agriculture and forestry; Public sector; Healthcare/medical; Engineering; Construction; Repair of motor vehicle; Tourism/hotel/catering; Transport; Education; Community; Chemicals.

Barry Johnson

07834 226626

[email protected]

Over five years experience in implementing, developing and auditing energy management systems to ISO50001:2011 and as applied to ISO14001:2004. IEMA and IRCA registered lead auditor. Specialist advisor on the Carbon Reduction Commitment. Associate Lecturer with the Open University. Specialist skills in projects in rail, road, construction and facilities management. International experience in Japan, Gibralta, Estonia.

Sector focus: EA 28 Construction, EA 34 Engineering Services, EA 33 Information Technology, EA 37 Education.

Anya Ledwith

07952 987772

[email protected]

I am an experienced environmental & carbon management consultant, with over 25 years of leadership in the field.

My ESOS assessments run smoothly to save you time, while giving energy saving recommendations that are useful and relevant. You get the best value from your ESOS compliance.

ESOS can be linked to Net Zero, SECR carbon reporting, ISO 50001 Energy and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. Embedding the environment into your business so you achieve your objectives, identify improvements and gain commercial benefit.

Sector focus: Finance, Professional services, Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturing, Care homes, Warehousing, Education, IT, Transport & logistics.

Richard Lupo

[email protected]

I am a Chartered Environmentalist with over 25 years experience in housing, waste research and manufacturing sectors. I head a team of professional environmentalist at SHIFT Environment. We carry out energy audits and assessments for organisations enabling them to achieve:

  • regulatory compliance (ESOS, SECR)
  • market advantage
  • cost saving opportunities
  • ESG requirements from investors

We operate throughout the UK and I am happy to assist clients with ESOS compliance.

Sector focus: Nursery Care, Social Landlord, Care Home, Real Estate.

Andrew Marlow

07581 477225

[email protected]

With a track record of over 25 years of harnessing sustainability, environmental and energy management, I can offer a friendly and focused service to guide you through an effective assessment of your building energy, operational energy and transport use and provide clear recommendations for energy efficiency.I welcome your early contact to discuss your specific requirements and the opportunity to meet your ESOS Regulatory compliance obligations ahead of the deadline.

Sector focus: Chemical and pharmaceutical, Engineering, Construction, Financial services, Charities, Retail and wholesale, Health care, Manufacturing, Distribution, Water and sewage treatment and distribution.

Duncan Oswald

0117 440 7531

[email protected]

A Fellow of the IEMA, Chartered Environmentalist and Environmental Auditor with over twenty years’ experience in environmental compliance, management systems, energy efficiency and renewable energy systems, carbon management and resource efficiency, Duncan has extensive experience of implementing energy efficiency initiatives, particularly in the food and drink sector but also in a range of other process industries. As founder and Managing Director of Ecodyn Limited, he is able to deploy a seasoned team of specialists to implement complex projects across multiple sites and is able to deliver the additional benefits of extensive carbon management and renewable energy expertise.

Sector focus: Office, Retail.

Ian Roberts

01283 617408

[email protected]

Eur. Ing. Ian Roberts FIMechE, MBCS: Chartered Engineer and IT Professional.

Extensive experience in the Energy, Manufacturing, Transport, Information Technology and Service Sectors (raw materials extraction through the entire energy chain).

IEMA Principal Environmental, EMS Lead Auditor and Management Consultant with a proven track record.

Active in ESOS since scheme launch, i.e. Phase I through to Phase III Compliance and Phase IV Preparation: technically informed and practical ESOS and Energy Management Systems audits; applying innovative audit and reporting techniques.

We also offer enhanced reports providing a validated basis for SECR Directors' Strategic Reports, PPS6/21, and Net Zero Planning and Reporting.

Sector focus: Manufacturing, Energy, Oil & Gas, Computing and Information Technology, Waste Management.

Ted Rosser


[email protected]

Ted Rosser is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with extensive experience of energy management in energy, process and manufacturing industries.

He is able to provide support in numerous aspects of ESOS particularly energy management, metering, measurement, reporting, efficiency, verification and audits as well as carbon and energy foot-printing. He has significant experience in the oil and gas industry and power generation. A particular advantage of Ted’s technical expertise as a professional engineer; his knowledge of corporate management (he has an MBA); combined with his huge experience in compliance, sustainability, corporate responsibility much of it gained through exposure to blue chip organisations.

David Smith

07724 138616

[email protected]

David is a Technical Director for Sustainable Solutions at Arcadis. He has >30 years experience of research and consultancy supporting sustainable resource and environmental management, including >20 years experience of reporting and verification of corporate and project greenhouse gas emissions. David has been an ESOS Assessor since its introduction and is experienced in helping clients identify and realise the synergies between ESOS, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), and Net Zero.

David is an Auditor for ISO 14001 and Lead Auditor for IS0 50001 and works with Arcadis specialist energy auditors to cover Energy Efficiency Directive compliance in other EU countries and sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing, retail, and waste management.

Sector focus: Real Estate, Data Centres, Transport, Waste Management.

Kiro Tamer

07521 650945

[email protected]

I have worked for 5 years in Rail/Heavy Engineering industry managing the energy & environmental efficiency of the operation of the UK Group and internally achieving compliance against ESOS. I also supported Corporative Group creating and reporting their carbon emissions via a sustainability report. I am now 18 months into employment within the construction industry, I have understood the biggest polluters within the sectors and have already been able to provide innovative solutions to solve some key problems and increase the operational efficiency of Keltbray.

Sector focus: Built Environment, Rail and Power Distribution.

Peter Watts

07551 252577

[email protected]

I am an experienced environmental consultant with extensive experience in energy and carbon management. I have delivered Lead ESOS Assessor Services to a range of organisations in the finance, commercial office, retail, manufacturing and creative sectors. I want to help clients get the maximum value from the ESOS process resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Sector focus: Finance, Commercial office, Retail, Manufacturing.

Richard Witney

07749 198857

[email protected]

An energy and environmental consultant with over 15 years experience in environmental management, energy efficiency and the renewable energy sector. Richard is a Director of On Site Generation Ltd, an EMS associate auditor with NQA providing 3rd party certification of ISO14001, BS8555 and an associate assessment engineer with First Point Assessment Ltd (FPAL). Sectors include oil and gas suppliers, manufacturing, construction, farming, hospitality and leisure. Richard is an Energy Saving Trust & Resource Efficient Scotland registered energy auditor.

Sector focus: Oil and gas suppliers, Manufacturing, Construction, Farming, Hospitality and leisure.