“In a world which is noisy, with too many people trying to be what they are not, having the CEnv letters behind my name enables me to demonstrate that it isn’t me who thinks I am competent- it is an independent body which stands behind me and backs me up.” Gillian Gibson, FIEMA CEnv

As the prominence and reputation of Chartered Environmentalists continues to grow in the profession, chartered status is increasingly seen internationally as a highly desirable demonstration of an individual’s competence. Registration as a Chartered Environmentalist demonstrates that an individual has been judged by their peers to be working at the highest possible standards in the environmental profession. Chartered Environmentalists must be able to demonstrate:

  • High level of theoretical knowledge of sustainability and environmental issues
  • Successful application of this knowledge to lead sustainable management of the environment
  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills
  • A personal commitment to maintain professional standards, and to recognise obligations to society, the profession and the environment

The option to use the post-nominal letters "CEnv" provides a clear way for Chartered Environmentalists to signal this knowledge and expertise to employers and potential clients.

What is CEnv?

  • An international qualification for dedicated and experienced environmental professionals reflecting a high level of skill and experience.
  • There are over 7,400 Chartered Environmentalists registered from a diverse range of fields, using their specific expertise to advise governments and lead change within organisations.
  • Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) is awarded through bodies who are licensed by the Society for the Environment (SocEnv).

Who is it for?

  • Professionals with at least 4 years relevant experience, masters level knowledge or equivalent, and can demonstrate knowledge of, and competence in, sustainable management of the environment.

What it does for me

"...Being a CEnv illustrates that I have a certain professional competency that assists with knowing my subject area, but equips me with transferable skills for communicating ideas, evaluating data, assessing risk and influencing decision-makers in other areas of my work..." Terry Williams MIEMA, CEnv

  • Sets you apart from others working in the field
  • Enhances career prospects through establishing proven expertise, experience and commitment to professional standards
  • Showcases your commitment to the profession
  • Joins you with the network of environmental professionals
  • Increases your opportunities for professional development

To find out more about becoming a CEnv and what it can do for you, visit the SocEnv website here

How to achieve it

  • Be a Full or Fellow member with IEMA. As a licenced body of SocEnv, IEMA are able to offer CEnv to those who meet the competencies. The hard work has been done for you in aligning IEMA’s competencies to SocEnv’s so you can apply for both IEMA membership and Chartered Environmentalist in one application
    • To apply with a dual application, you would be applying for IEMA’s Full membership as well as CEnv.
    • If you are already a Full or Fellow member with IEMA, you can apply to add CEnv to your existing membership.
  • Demonstrate you meet the Full membership and CEnv competencies through a written submission and per interview
  • Eligibility
    • Masters level knowledge
    • At least 4 years relevant work experience
    • The assessment process
    • Submit your online application form registering your interest in applying for MIEMA and CEnv or CEnv only, signing IEMA’s and SocEnv’s Codes of Professional Conduct
    • Complete your written application
    • Attend a peer-review interview