4th December 2023 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Are you interested in natural capital assessments and accounts, but not sure what they are? Are you getting started, but could do with some tips on how to do it well, and what to avoid? Are you using natural capital assessments or accounts produced by others, but aren’t sure whether you’re getting the good stuff? Maybe you’re an experienced practitioner looking to sense check your approach to challenges that you just keep coming across?

Jonathan Nichols (AtkinsRéalis) and Penelope Borton (Jacobs) are experienced practitioners in delivering natural capital assessments for infrastructure schemes and associated optioneering, as well as undertaking audits and third-party assurance of natural capital studies. Jon and Penny will share key lessons for users and practitioners on the common pitfalls and how to make these assessments a success. Panellists Stephanie Hime (Little Blue Research) and Chris Moss (Greengage Environmental) will join Jon and Penny to provide further case studies, and offer tips from the worlds of corporate natural capital accounting and blue-green infrastructure. The session will be facilitated by Faye Durkin (Greengage Environmental).

The webinar will help attendees working in environmental sustainability as follows:

- Understand what natural capital assessments and accounts are.

- Awareness of key principles, guidance, and tools.

- Identify examples of good practice and common pitfalls to avoid.

- Provide an open and transparent space to share and learn.

- Top tips on natural capital assessment and accounting for your own practice as an end user.

There will be questions and answers from the audience to the panel.

This is the second webinar in a new series from IEMA’s BANC group. You don’t need to have attended webinar #1 to enjoy webinar #2, but if you are an IEMA member you will be able to view a recording of the first webinar through your IEMA account.

Speakers include:

- Jonathan Nichols, Associate – Natural, AtkinsRéalis

- Penelope Borton, Senior Associate Director, Jacobs

- Stephanie Hime, Director and Founder, Little Blue Research

- Faye Durkin, Head of Ecology and Natural Capital (North), Greengage Environmental

- Chris Moss, Senior Consultant, Greengage Environmental