26th March 2024 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

This webinar will focus on sharing lessons learned from applying natural capital approaches to delivering nature-positive projects on the ground.

As the third webinar in our natural capital series, our focus will move from the theory, assessments and accounts, to the implementation and delivery of blue-green infrastructure schemes and nature-based solutions.

The webinar will share insights from a selection of case study projects on how using a natural capital approach informed optioneering, design, planning and delivery.

Speakers will have the opportunity to share the outcomes that have been achieved and the lessons learned.

We will hear from project owners, implementers and funders on how the natural capital approach informs investment, design and implementation decisions, and how things play out in reality with lessons learned for the future for example:

- Did the consideration of wider ecosystem services benefits guide design of some features rather than others?

- Are we seeing the expected increase in ecosystem services like flood benefits or have things panned out differently/more slowly/more quickly?

This webinar is for all biodiversity and nature stakeholders who want to see and understand the benefits of a natural capital assessment in practice.

Speakers will include:

• Paul Morris, Director, Civic Engineers

• Rachael Rhodes, Principal Ecologist, Merseyside Environmental Services

• Julie Waldron, Climate Change Programme Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council

• Chris Moss, Senior Consultant, Greengage Environmental Ltd