22nd April 2021 - 9:30am - 10:15am

Meetings. We have so many of them, but do we ever stop to really think about why we have them and how we could increase their efficiency? Usually, you only think about a meeting as being a one-hour slot in your diary – you’ve added it in to the calendar, people have accepted, you know vaguely what you want to talk about, so you’ll turn up on time and take it from there. You might not cover everything you want to, so you add another one into the diary and before you know it, your weeks are filled with regular meetings on various projects that make slow progress. But there is another way!

Join Lisa Pool, Membership Marketing Manager at IEMA, as we explore what it takes to prepare effectively, deliver efficiently and follow-up with purpose. This webinar accounts for 1 hour of CPD and is aimed at all levels, whether you're looking to gain or build upon existing skill sets within this area.

This webinar is exclusive to IEMA members.