31st May 2023 - 12:00pm - 12:45pm

This session will focus on how we innovate within ourselves, how innovation takes place in our lives and how by understanding these inner processes we can seek to become more innovative. The session will take a look how new things appear in us and how by staying with and working these things in our lives they can grow enough to be safely planted out in the wider world of our lives.

The window frame through we view the world determines what we see. What are we looking at, where are we looking, why are we looking, how are we looking? How can we reframe our windows and what level of resolution are we seeking? Do we look through an inner window or an outer window?

Many of the world’s great innovators were not bound by convention or what was already known. Rather they had the ability to see the world in new ways and in doing so brought about huge change. Think of Galileo Galilee or Rachel Carson for a moment. Think of the wisdom that arrived in Robin Wall Kimmerer, Hildegard von Bingen and Beatrix Potter. They had the eyes to see new patterns and understood their significance. Think of the times that you’ve been innovative and consider how you’ll be able to change, you’ll change your own world by tuning into new appearance within yourself.

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James Smith

James Smith is a futurist and intensely interested in how new intelligence appears in us from the future. This is at the core of innovation within sustainability. James works with the five intelligences – creative intelligence, doing intelligence, thinking intelligence, monitoring intelligence and emotional intelligence in his coaching work. He searches for new approaches to sustainability challenges within a universal context and developing understanding of human purpose and function within. His professional qualifications are Eur Ing James Smith FIEMA CEnv FIMechE CEng MCQI CQP IEMA Principal Auditor ISO 14001 Lead Auditor.