MSc Innovation in Sustainable Built Environments

The MSc Innovation in Sustainable Built Environments was designed as a response to the complex challenges faced by the built environment, an industry known for its fragmentation and slow adaptation. That’s why collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships are emphasised in this programme, demonstrating that collective efforts across organisations are the only way to address sustainability challenges effectively.

While net-zero and carbon emissions are a significant concern, the MSc extends its focus to encompass all facets of sustainability. This is in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This holistic approach emphasises the integration of the socio and the technical elements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of a sustainable built environment.

Through live peer discussions and lectures, you will develop the expertise needed to drive change through challenge, literacy, and leadership. You’ll dive deep into the current sustainability discourse and go beyond the superficialities surrounding the topic, enabling you to ask the right questions at the right time.

Equipped with critical skills and influential language, you will build your capability to lead your organisation and navigate complex sustainability challenges, combating mainstream perceptions and transforming theory into action.

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University College of Estate Management (UCEM)

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