MSc Environmental Strategy (Surrey)

To protect our finite planet in the face of infinite human ambition, environmental strategy is a necessity. At CES we accommodate a wide range of disciplines dedicated to resolving environmental problems, and this course will prepare you to join a new generation of environment and sustainability professionals for the strategic challenges ahead. What you will study,This course will inspire you with both a theoretical and practical knowledge base for evaluating the technical, social, economic and organisational elements of environmental problems. You’ll be taught how to apply life-cycle assessment thinking and other analytical methods in order to understand how resources are used and how to manage materials and waste. We will develop your cross-disciplinary abilities, decision-making skills and your capacity to manage relationships with stakeholders and you will learn about anticipating and responding to future policy developments and market pressures. Additionally you will also develop impressive problem-solving and decision-making skills. The skills you will gain on this course are much sought after by environmental and consultancy employers.

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University of Surrey

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