ISO 14090 Adaptation to Climate Change

Module 1 (Introduction to Climate Change Adaptation: Principles, Requirements and Guidelines)

Delivered in partnership with environmental consultants and engineers, JBA Consulting our training is designed to help learners understand the frameworks that support climate resilience, to develop strategic and structured approaches to decision making, manage uncertainties and develop a deeper appreciation of the interdependencies that climate risk presents.

What to expect:

This course introduces the requirements for best practice climate adaptation as set out in ISO14090 and brings in aspects of the recently published ISO 14091 (climate vulnerability and risk assessment).

Training outcomes:

Participants understand the requirements of ISO14090 and relevance to their organisation. They learn how to measure and develop the adaptive capacity of their organisations and how to ensure adaptation to climate change is embedded in decision-making processes across an organisation.

Who is it for?

Professionals and leaders from diverse roles across organisations that make medium (10- 20 Years) and long-term investment (20 years +) decisions that are vulnerable to climate impacts.

Providers offering this Course

Climate Sense Ltd

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