IEMA Approved GRI Certified Sustainability Professional Preparation Pathway

Designed to prepare you in becoming a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, a well-recognised business qualification. 78% of the world’s largest 250 companies use the GRI Standards for their ESG/ sustainability reporting.

Three GRI, IEMA and CPD Certified courses:

Learn how to prepare a 1st Class ESG/Sustainability Report using the GRI Standards
and take solid sustainability action

- Can be taken as a standalone course.

- Realtime remote (3 days) and classroom (2 days) options available

- Classroom venue: London School of Economics

- Exclusive templates and practical plan of action*

• Integrating the SDGs into your reporting process

- Available as realtime remote learning (1 day)

- Exclusive templates and practical plan of action*

• Reporting on Human Rights with GRI Standards 2021 Update

- Available as realtime remote learning (1 day)

- Exclusive templates and practical plan of action*

*The FBRH practical plan of action is based on years of hands-on experience and it is designed to help participants begin to take ESG/Sustainability action ASAP in a step by step process.

All three courses focus on:

  • identifying significant impacts throughout the value chain through a robust, recognised methodology
  • start taking action ASAP.

Test your knowledge with the FBRH Mock Exam

Once participants complete the courses, they gain free access to the FBRH Mock Exam. If you continually achieve a 95% score in the Mock Exam, this is a very good indication that you will be able to achieve 75% needed in the GRI Certification exam and become a GRI Certified sustainability professional.

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Learning options

• 5 days remote learning

• Blended 2-day face-to-face course and 2 days remote learning

• The Reporting course can be taken as a standalone course

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