Exeter MBA

The Exeter MBA is a demanding one-year full-time programme. We are looking for managers prepared to put in the effort and spend time in our community of academics, business partners and fellow MBAs thinking about the role of business leadership in solving global challenges.

That means building critical awareness of the interdependencies in our global systems, developing an understanding of their complexities and above all asking the tough questions that challenge established thinking. We are committed to creating strong and responsible leaders who can pursue this belief. While some may be strong leaders by nature, no one is born a responsible leader. This, too, is hard work.

The Exeter MBA will give you the credibility, confidence and courage to decide what you want to do and then do it. Many of our students start their own businesses. Others take up positions in business, government and non-profits. We will work with you to align your personal values to your career goals.

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University of Exeter

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