Carbon Footprinting and Reporting


The 1 Day IEMA Carbon Footprinting and Reporting course provides clear and practical guidance on current practices in carbon quantification.
Its primary focus is on establishing an organisational carbon footprint, as the basis for developing pathways to Net Zero.
It also provides an overview of other forms of quantification, including product footprinting, and explains how carbon footprints can help organisations plan for emissions reduction and developing pathways to Net Zero.

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Who is this course for?

This course is for any individual tasked with developing an organisation’s carbon footprint. This includes individuals undertaking or managing the project.

What are the entry requirements?

While it is desirable that participants have some existing knowledge of environmental issues and management processes, this is not essential, and there are no formal entry requirements.

What will I learn?

1. Introduction and background
2. Drivers for carbon quantification
3. Carbon quantification standards and schemes
4. Principles and techniques of carbon quantification
5. Communicating carbon data
6. Reducing emissions and Net Zero

How will I be assessed?

The end-of-course examination should examine the learners’
understanding and application of the course topics – it should not be a test of memory of the course discussions or literature.

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