BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, Hazards and Disasters (Kingston)

The BSc (Hons) Environmental Science is a highly practical discipline, informed by and contributing to rapidly developing local, national and international environmental challenges. Students engage with a range of scientific and geographical disciplines to understand and critically evaluate environmental challenges including climate change, the nexus between water-energy-land resources and environmental pollution. The Hazards and Disasters pathway allows students to specialise in practical assessment, mitigation and management approaches to environmental hazards including floods, volcanos, earthquakes, tsunami and pollution. Students actively engage in a range of learning environments including classrooms, laboratories, fieldwork (in the UK and overseas) and virtual community-based learning. The course is skills-rich including the ability to implement and report investigations safely and ethically, and develop career-focused personal skills when working independently and as part of a team. Students have opportunity for overseas exchange, are encouraged and supported to seek a sandwich work placement between years 2 and 3 to gain practical experience, and on graduation, students may choose to continue their environmental studies at Kingston University on the MSc Environmental Management course.

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