BASc Sociology and Global Sustainable Development

Sociology - the study of humans in society - is at the heart of the roadmap towards a sustainable future. Each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals has a sociological aspect, and understanding the social implications of world trade, economic growth, and climate change has never been more critical. Since the birth of the neoliberal era, major global transformations have redefined societies across the world, producing social unrest, increased wealth inequality, and new migration trends. Sociologists are now focusing on why the current organisation of society might itself be unsustainable, researching innovative solutions to develop social-environmental relationships that are less environmentally harmful. By studying Sociology with Global Sustainable Development (GSD) you will be combining sociological concepts including race, identity, ethnicity, and gender and applying these to global issues such as wealth inequality, elite power, and food security. The interdisciplinary approach of a GSD BASc will give you the creative freedom to research topics that you feel most connected to.

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