This emergency requires leadership at all levels, from Government through to the individual. Environment and Sustainability Professionals are making a vital contribution within businesses, organisations and communities.

Our declaration

IEMA is declaring a climate and environmental emergency. Our declaration is rooted in the reality of the international science base and in the knowledge that our profession (IEMA members) can make a pivotal contribution towards the rapid transitions now required.

Strategic commitment

IEMA reaffirms its commitment to climate action, sustainability leadership, and to professional urgency on climate and environmental action.

Supporting professionals

IEMA will support Environment and Sustainability Professionals (our members) to rise to this transition challenge. Our support will include active networks, member guidance, training, webinars and events.

Find out more about IEMA's Member Networks including climate change and energy.

Advocate for the profession

IEMA will advocate on behalf of our members and collaborate to influence policies, standards and frameworks that will support transition (both in the UK and internationally).

Transitioning our own operations

IEMA will achieve (annual) carbon neutrality in 2020 for its own emissions and will progressively work to transition IEMA operations to zero carbon operations.

About us: IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability. We provide resources and tools, research and knowledge sharing along with high-quality formal training and qualifications to meet the real world needs of our members. We are positively changing attitudes to sustainability as a progressive force for good. Together we are transforming the world to sustainability.