The 2011 Waste Regulations are to be amended after Defra and the Welsh Assembly acknowledged they did not accurately transpose the requirements of the revised Waste Framework Directive (WFD)

New regulations amending rules on separate waste collection in England and Wales will come into force on 1 October, to better reflect the WFD (2008/98/EC).

Under the Directive, national governments must impose a duty on authorities to collect paper, glass, metal and plastic separately for recycling by 2015.

Co-mingled collections are a “form of separate collection”, according to the 2011 Regulations.

But, following a legal challenge from recycling firms, Defra and the Welsh authorities have amended reg. 13 to remove any reference to co-mingled collections.

The change was welcomed by the Environmental Services Association, which represents the waste sector, as bringing UK legislation in line with commission guidance.

The Department of the Environment in Northern Ireland is now consulting on proposals to amend legislation transposing the WFD in the devolved administration.