IEMA's membership forms a unique community of more than 15,000 environment and sustainability professionals worldwide.

Ensuring that each member receives all of their membership benefits and relevant information is at the core of IEMA’s values, but can be hindered by out-of-date contact details.

If you have received the environmentalist through the post that means IEMA has your current address.

But do we have all of your current details? If we do not know your up-to-date telephone number, email address, employer details or job title we cannot deliver appropriate event invitations, policy briefings or opportunities to help shape the profession.

Maintaining our member records is a constant process but IEMA is about to implement a new database to further improve member services.

Thus, we must ensure that any member details we transfer to our new system are up to date.

So now is the time to log in to IEMA’s website, check your member record and update any details that are no longer valid.

By doing this you help us to understand your role and subsequently contact you with timely and relevant information.

Updating your details is simple (see below) and you can even tell us which email or postal address you’d prefer us to contact you at.

Go to www. today to check your details – your access to professional development opportunities may depend on it.

Four simple steps to update your profile

1. Go to and find the log-in boxes at the top of the page.

2. Log in using your email address as your username and your chosen password (or the password issued when you first registered).

3. Once you’ve logged in, click “update your profile” in the top right-hand corner.

4. Once you have arrived at the updates page, you can view and/or edit your personal, location, work and contact details.

If you have not previously logged in to the website, go to the IEMA website, click register, follow the onscreen instructions and then complete steps 1 to 4 as listed above.